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Towards the island - Greenland Edition

Saturday 27 September 20:00 KATUAQ KULTURHUS - GREENLAND CULTURAL CENTRE Cikada String Quartet, “Island tour” 2013/14 “The Island” is an iconic metaphor that has inspired and fascinated people throughout history, from the legend of Atlantis via the famous painting “Toteninsel” by Böcklin and Tennysons “The lady of Shalott” to Victoria Hislops bestselling novel “The Island” (2005). The words of John Donne (1572-1631) “No man is an island, entire of itself” has become an established proverb. The island reaches outwards in the geography, stretches the gravity field of the mainland, and defies the laws of nature. But in this lies the condition for communication: the island can only be reached by

Cikada @ Klangspuren

Saturday 20 September 20:00 Kirche St. Martin, Christoph-Anton-Mayr-Weg 7, Schwaz In 2014, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ will cast its gaze north to the Nordic countries. Composers and musicians from lively music scenes in Norway, Denmark and also Iceland will take centre stage, where they will encounter new works from Tyrolean, Austrian and international composers. This year’s festival will also focus on the adaptation and use of traditional folk music instruments and idioms from the Nordic countries and the alpine region, such as the Hardanger fiddle, accordion, zither and cimbalom. Liza Lim: Winding Bodies (2014) Liza Lim: Philtre (1997) Liza Lim: The Heart’s Ear (1997) Lars Petter Hagen: Funeral

Cikada Ensemble / Liza Lim / Henrik Hellstenius

Thursday 11 September 18:00 Nasjonalgalleriet ULTIMA OSLO CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL A concert with new and older works by Liza Lim, one of the world’s leading contemporary music composers, with a background from several continents: Asia, Australia, and Europa. Lim, who was born in Perth, Australia, is captivated by the quintessentially Norwegian sound of the Hardanger fiddle and has given it a central role in the concert. At this concert Cikada Ensemble will give a first performance of her latest work. The concert will also mark the Norwegian premiere of Henrik Hellstenius’ new Oslo-inspired work entitled Places of Sounds and Words, a work for vocalists, ensemble, and sounds from the “real


Sentralen, Postboks 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo

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