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Cikada @ Klangspuren

Saturday 20 September


Kirche St. Martin, Christoph-Anton-Mayr-Weg 7, Schwaz

In 2014, KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ will cast its gaze north to the Nordic countries. Composers and musicians from lively music scenes in Norway, Denmark and also Iceland will take centre stage, where they will encounter new works from Tyrolean, Austrian and international composers. This year’s festival will also focus on the adaptation and use of traditional folk music instruments and idioms from the Nordic countries and the alpine region, such as the Hardanger fiddle, accordion, zither and cimbalom.

Liza Lim: Winding Bodies (2014) Liza Lim: Philtre (1997) Liza Lim: The Heart’s Ear (1997) Lars Petter Hagen: Funeral March for Edvard Grieg (2007) Jon Øivind Ness: Gimilen (2014)

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