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cikada trio

flute, clarinet, piano

Anne Karine Hauge  – flute

Rolf Borch – clarinet

Kenneth Karlsson – piano


The Cikada Trio is the ensemble’s most recently founded offspring. As first Anne Karine Hauge Rønning and then Rolf Borch became Cikada members and joined forces with Kennth Karlsson and the other Cikadas in recent years, a wish to explore the chamber music repertoire for solo, duo and trio within the  flute, clarinet and piano formation grew out of the three musicians’ close collaboration at Cikada Ensemble concerts and tours.

The Cikada Trio shares the Cikada Ensemble’s unbiased range of repertoire in combination with a passionately refined approach to concert programming to establish a present and welcoming musical flow. The Trio has developed an Italian focus with solo, duo and trio works by Franco Donatoni and Giacinto Scelsi, a French focus with works by Bruno Mantovani and Gérard Pesson, as well as featuring the British composer Laurence Crane and the Norwegian composers Asbjørn Schaathun and Ørjan Matre.

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