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Dillon+Ness@Ultima // 12 Sept 2015

Saturday 12 September


Parkteatret, Oslo

James Dillon: Oslo/Triptych Jon Øivind Ness: Gimilen Scottish composer James Dillon is a household name in his home country, with commissioned works from and performances by many of the UK’s biggest orchestra and influential international ensembles. Oslo/Triptych was commissioned for Cikada in 2011 as part of a three-part project Dillon conducted with ensembles from Leuven, Oslo and New York. Dillon is known for his large-scale projects, such as Nine Rivers, the symphonic cycle of monumental proportions, but his smaller works are also impressive, often composed with specific musicians in mind. Oslo/Triptych includes Indian harmonium, an instrument often used by Cikada in recent years. The concert also marks the launch of Cikada's new album which consist of music by Jon Øivind Ness and Liza Lim. Ness' work Gimilen takes its name from two lakes in the woodlands north-east of Hakadal, Norway. He often draws on nature for his inspiration, and several of his works are named after lakes in the Oslo region. Gimilen (2014) had its première at the Klangspuren Festival in September last year.

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