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Launch night // 28 June 2015

Sunday 28 June


Cafe Oto, London

Cikada perform works from the acclaimed composer Laurence Crane as a launch night for their new CD on the Lawo Classics label.

“I use simple and basic musical objects; common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar – perhaps even rather ordinary – but my aim is to find a fresh beauty in these objects by placing them in new structural and formal contexts and by using a surface texture that is highly reduced.” – Laurence Crane, 2013


Simon Holt (2007) for piano, violin & cello

Sparling (1992) for clarinet & piano

Riis (1996) for clarinet, cello and electric organ

Four Miniatures (2003) for flute, violin, percussion & piano

Come back to the old specimen cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani part 1 (2007) for clarinet, percussion & pre-recorded drone

Erki Nool (1999) for flute & piano

Trio (1996) for bass flute, clarinet in A & piano

Estonia (2001) for alto flute / bass flute, clarinet, violin & cello

Laurence Crane was born in Oxford in 1961 and studied composition with Peter Nelson and Nigel Osborne at Nottingham University. His music is mainly written for the concert hall, although his list of works includes pieces originally written for film, radio, theatre, dance and installation. He lives and works in London.

Visit Cafe Oto's website here

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