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Concert #4

Thursday 22.August


Ung Nordisk Musikk, Riksscenen, Oslo


UNM (Young Nordic Music) is a festival where young Nordic composers are offered the opportunity to have their work presented by professional performers. The festival is arranged annually with each of the participating countries hosting in turn. The seven composers chosen from each country to be presented each year are selected by independent national juries after an open call for scores.

Program: Árni Freyr Gunnarsson (IS) – Il giardino dei gatti ostinati Eric Skytterholm Egan (NO) – A Pint of Plain Erik Lindman-Mata (SE) – Cessatio/Root Lock Libero Mureddu (FI) – Movements in Possible Histories Martin Stauning (DK) – Atmende Steine Sebastian Hilli (FI) – Delta Þórunn Gréta Sigurðardóttir (IS) – Flightened

Visit UNM’s website here

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