From the Cabinet of John Vigani


Wednesday 3.April


Biermannsgården, Maridalsveien 78, Oslo


“I use simple and basic musical objects; common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar – perhaps even rather ordinary – but my aim is to find a fresh beauty in these objects by placing them in new structural and formal contexts and by using a surface texture that is highly reduced. In this concert Cikada Ensemble play 8 chamber works composed between 1992 and 2007; 2 quartets, 3 trios and 3 duos.”

Laurence Crane, 2013


In cooperation with Bidrobon we are thrilled to be able to  invite you to an evening with music by one of our favorite composers,  Laurence Crane.


Simon 10 Holt 50 (2007)
Riis (1996)
Estonia (2001)
Four Miniatures (2003)
Erki Nool (1999)
Come back to the old specimen Cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani part 1 (2007)
Sparling (1992)
Trio (1996)


With musicians:
Anne Karine Hauge – flutes
Rolf Borch – clarinets
Bjørn Rabben – percussion
Kenneth Karlsson – piano
Karin Hellqvist – violin
Johannes Martens – cello


cc: 50,-


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Sentralen, Postboks 183 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo

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